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2012 Junior ET Finals

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To our Junior Dragster and Bracket Racing family,

Beginning, Saturday, July 7th we will move to “Summer hours”.   The gates will open at 2:30pm for both Jr’s and Brackets with Open T/T session and qualifying which will begin at 3:30pm.  Times and additional information are listed below. 

These times may be changed and “tweaked” as we move forward.  We want to bring to you the best racing experience possible.  Good luck to everyone.


Thank you for your support.

Texas Raceway


2012 Payout

The classes for 2012:

ADVANCED - 7.90 to 10.49

SPORTSMAN - 10.50 and slower



Payout in each class


Winner  $50 check + Trophy

R/U  $20 Track $ + Trophy

Semi  Trophy


Entry fee  $20 C/D  Crew  $10


You will earn points ONLY if you sign up. You can sign up on race day and earn that day's points.


Until we can get the info posted and you have a Jr. Dragster question regarding the payout or new classes

e-mail Cindi at cmcmillan@texasraceway.com



o   Jr’s points sign up is $10 for your class and no charge for quick.


Points are earned ONLY after you have signed up for points. There is NO GRACE PERIOD this year.

Drivers will earn ten (10) points for first round. The driver will earn an additional ten points for every round won.  The Runner-Up in each eliminator will receive one (1) bonus point and the Winner will receive ten (10) points for winning the round and two bonus points. 

In the event of a tie the computer will determine the points standing.

Overall tie breaker is “Who won the most points last”.  The second tie breaker is who went down the track first in eliminations.

Every points race will count towards track points. No track points will be awarded for Jr. Spring Fling or the Jr. ET Finals.

Be sure to verify that your points are correct via the web site and posted at the track by the concession stand. Every effort is made to insure

they are correct but mistakes can happen. You have two weeks to advise the track of a possible error so it can be researched. Call the track with the number of points you should have for each race.


If you drive someone else’s car be sure to put your number on the driver’s window or you will not get your points.

Check your time slip every round of eliminations to make sure your car number is listed.  If incorrect come to the tower sometime during the race to have it corrected.


All drivers must have a permanently affixed (bolted, clamped, Velcro, etc) dial-in on their car that may not be removed at any point prior to crossing the finish line. Any dial-in board, shoe polish or decals are permitted as long as they are clearly visible from the tower and displayed on the left side of the vehicle. 


o   Jr’s – We will run up to 16 cars for Quick on a Sportsman Ladder.


See you at the track!




Saturday, March 3


Gates open at 8a & Racing at 9a


1st & 3rd Saturday of the month


You receive points once you sign up for points.