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Nov 22

 Congratulations to the 2014 Bracket Champions

Ray Dunaway – Electronic Quick Champion

Don Boulware – Super Pro Champion and Overall Champion

Butch Young – Pro Champion

Jeff Hefler – Foot Brake Champion

Chad Sandlin – Foot Brake Quick Champion

Carly Casey – Street Champion


Congratulations to the Jr Champions

Trevor Blankenship – Advance Champion

Morgan Wallace – Quick Champion

Dustin Tanksley –  Sportsman Champion

 2014 Banquet Awrads Invite



It’s official!

Team Championship Points in order
1) Tulsa Raceway Park 55
2) Texas Raceway 54
3) Texas Motorplex 54
4) Thunder Valley Raceway Park 53

Congratulation Killer Bees!

Super Pro:
Winner: Don Boulware Texas Raceway
Runner Up: Billy Simpson Texas Raceway
Semi: Zach McDaniel Royal Purple Raceway
Qtr: James Repka Texas Motorplex
Qtr: Hunter Patton Royal Purple Raceway
Qtr: Jeremy Maples Tulsa Raceway Park

Winner: Chris Eidson Texas Raceway
Runner Up: Steve Collier Thunder Road Raceway Park
Semi: Duane Thomas Thunder Road Raceway Park
Qtr: Chuck Wier Texas Motorplex
Qtr: Thomas Marlow Tulsa Raceway Park

No Electronics Street\Sportsman:
Winner: Martin Brown Tulsa Raceway Park
Runner Up: Parker DeVore Tulsa Raceway Park
Semi: Logan Diggs Tulsa Raceway Park
Semi: Mitchell Legg Royal Purple Raceway
Qtr: Michael Phillips Paris Drag Strip
Qtr: Joshua Bowers Paris Drag Strip
Qtr: Cory Lytle Thunder Valley Raceway Park
Qtr: Tim Baker Texas Motorplex

No Electronics Quick\Pro:
Winner: Rob Howard Texas Motorplex
Runner Up: Coy Worley Texas Motorplex
Semi: Michael Graves Texas Raceway
Semi: Thomas Iven Royal Purple Raceway
Qtr: David Olinde No Problem Raceway Park
Qtr: Cameron Fulfer Tulsa Raceway Park
Qtr: Charlie Olsen Thunder Valley Raceway Park

Winner: Brenda Kay Royal Purple Raceway
Runner Up: Paul Holman Royal Purple Raceway
Semi: John Fitzpatrick Tulsa Raceway Park
Qtr: Dean LeBlanc No Problem Raceway Park
Qtr: Michael Matthews Texas Raceway

Team Spirit: Royal Purple Raceway

Olympics Information:

Texas Raceway 42
Texas Motorplex 40
Royal Purple Raceway 39
Paris Dragstrip 28
Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park 22
Thunder Valley Raceway 21
Thunder Road 10
No Problem 4

What were the events and what they consist of:
Mascot: Texas Raceway
Tricycle: Royal Purple Raceway
Team Relay Texas Raceway
Pumpkin Carving Contest: Royal Purple Raceway
Hot Dog Eating Contest: Men & Women – Texas Motorplex

Team totals broken down by Olympic Event Points in each Category

Best Appearing Car: Melissa Young – Texas Raceway Sponsored by JOGraphix

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What an awesome weekend
Thank u to all the team racers and supporters
Shout out to those that helped make it happen
Dave Mac
Katrina Wallace
Garry & Carol
Spirit team members
Good work!!

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Chris Eidson Pro winner and going to Pomona

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Come out to the track for racing. Cowboy game is on at the track

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Chris Eidson goes to Pomona

Great job everyone

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Cash only.  No ATM on property. 

EFFECTIVE APRIL 1 – NO animals allowed on the property.

You will be turned around at the gate or asked to leave the property if seen.


Drop them off at the storage unit and we will do the rest


Track Rental Available – Special Rates!!!

1 driver with up to 2 cars
4 hours
Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday (if no race is scheduled Saturday
Rate: $800

+ Fire truck: $200

  • Includes one lane prepped, ambulance, tower set up staffed.
  • Additional cars or additional hours are only $100 each
  • The more cars testing will lower the cost to each driver!!

Call the track to confirm your date! 817-483-0356



No Glass Bottles Allowed!


Get the latest up to date weather and racing news!!!

Text “RACE” to 313131 on your cell phone and be the first to know about any weather and race updates!!! There is no cost to you!

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